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DrClinic is the web based application to manage Clinics & Nursing Homes.Application can be evaluated by applying the request url using the form here.
This Application can be installed in your local office network or in web based on clinic demand.Once you install local office this application can be accessed using local LAN ip or Wifi network.If you install this software on web it can be accessed from any location.You can also request for customization of your access depends upon your clinic operation and our team will customise your software as per needs.This software has full control over access security of your staff, doctors etc.. with access permission this will protect clinical records accessed by other departments.Following are the features of the software.

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  • PATIENT  REGISTRATION - This feature helps clinic to keep complete details of the patient including, health history, vaccination history etc..
  • BOOK APPOINTMENTS -Book appointment feature help clinic staff to book the appointment for clinic patient with diffrent Doctors which request received over phone or eMail.
  • DIGITAL PRESCRIPTION - Once drug information is updated in the system it is easy for Doctors to prescribe the medicine and print with this feature.
  • MANUAL PRESCRIPTION - This feature will help doctors who dont want do any typing or operation and the doctor prescription can be directly upload by his/her staff into sytem using scanner for future referance.
  • CLINICAL RECORDS -This feature helps Clinics to upload clinical reports received by the lab into patient account this helps doctors to refer while consulting
  • VISIT & PRESCRIPTION HISTORY -Doctors can view the visit, problem and prescription history of the patients using this features.
  • BILLING & ACCOUNTS - This feature helps clinics to manage service billing and account of the patient.
  • SUPPLIER ACCOUNTS - This feature helps clinic to mange purchase bill of the supplier,outstanding and payment details.
  • REPORT PRINTING - This option helps clinic to print daily collection report and doctor wise collection report with bill details.

DrClinic Video Demo